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Tiny desert garden landscapes

The Unusual Planters ebook explains all the details of growing cactus plants in tiny containers!

The Unusual Planters ebook explains how to select healty plants.

The Unusual Planters ebook explains how to arrange the plants in your container.

The Unusual Planters ebook shows you how to create beautiful desert landscapes.

The Unusual Planters ebook contains over 75 letter size pages of detailed instruction with large, super sharp photographs of the construction of very small and large Unusual Planters. You will be able to determine the size of the container for your plants and how to construct the Unusual Planters.

Detailed plans, complete with large photographs will show you will understand how to place the various plants in the Unusual Planters. Different plants are able to thrive together in one container.

Unusual Planters ; The Benefits:

  • How to Save money when buying your plants
  • Easy to make as many or as few as you need
  • Create large Unusual Planters for your large plants
  • Create very small Unusual Planters for your tiny plants
  • Make your own potting soil for your plants
Learn how to provide better care for your plants in less time and labor!

This eBook is for you if:

You want to dramatically increase the number of plants you can grow by grouping them in a container.

You wish to decrease the time spend caring for your plants!

You will have more time just to enjoy your plants!

My method of creating Unusual Planters is easy and you can use recycled containers from your kitchen and have beautiful planters full of healthy plants!

Bring a miniature desert landscape into your home!

The Unusual Planters eBook will explain how to:

  • Create Unusual Planters using free or very low cost materials.
  • Create large Unusual Planters
  • Create very small Unusual Planters

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Happy Gardening!

Laris Pickett
Internet Entrepreneur
and Gardening Enthusiast

P.S. Itís win-win for you. You get this amazing book AND you get to enjoy your plants more, and  that will make it all worthwhile. 
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